Jonathan Pellegrin Author Selling the Family Business

My book is both a “wake up call” and a guide for owners of private companies. Many families have held on to their companies too long and watched the value vaporize.

The shareholders and beneficiaries of every company change over time. If nothing else, mortality dictates it. Founders and family business owners have often been reluctant to let go of their beloved companies. The business is what their family does; it’s their identity.

High performing families who survive as business families:

  • Diversify their assets in a timely way
  • Understand their family’s cash needs and true strengths and weaknesses
  • Know their industry lifecycle(s) and get ahead of the curve

If you want to go deeper than the book will take you, my wife, Pat Mellencamp, and I will help you to apply our frameworks to your business, your family, your ownership and the stewardship of your assets.  A three-day session with us will be a strong beginning to clarify your thinking and to help you prepare a disciplined plan to proceed with your exploration, decision-making, execution and post sale processes.

After a complimentary phone or Skype session you may choose to visit us for an in depth discussion of the issues you’re facing.

The meetings with us will take place in either San Jose del Cabo, Mexico or Montery, California both beautiful and peaceful places to engage in life changing decision-making.

Send an email or call if you would like to speak further about the possibility of meeting personally.

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After an initial phone discussion or Skype session, you may choose to visit us for a three day consultation in
Monterey, California or San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.